Cru Adventure Camp

Great for kids, infants to high school!

Cru Adventure Camp for Kids

Each child is made in the image of God.  It is our mission to value your child as a precious gift from God, teach them about this truth and to let them in on what God is doing through other children and adults around the world–and to share how God desires to live in and through them too.


These ages are amazing. Your child is learning! Learning they have value. Learning to talk, walk and explore. Therefore, we will provide a safe, loving environment for your child to explore through play, stories, music and crafts. Loving them in your absence. Our hope is that you can relax and take the time to enjoy the weekend knowing that we deeply value your precious child and plan to care for them as one loved by God.


This age group plays and learns simultaneously. So we plan to play hard, and all the while teach them that they are beautiful children of God and that God has a wonderful adventure in store for them. Polly, our gifted teacher and Lori, our high energy children’s worship leader, will have them learning, singing and being silly with God. We will be enjoying field trips on the property, going on nature hikes, making pottery, treasure boxes and more.

Bring your child in comfortable clothing so they can best enjoy their time. The Squad will have dinner together in the meeting room, enjoying kid-friendly fare. The Squad will be open 30 minutes before the morning adult session begins and before dinner. Our hope is that you can relax knowing that your child is loving Adventure Camp.


Your teen! They are loved by God, have an incredible future, and with God living in and through them, they can influence their peers. They are a force of nature that God can use right now, where they are.

Our mission is for each student to leave with a better understanding that they are made in God’s image and that God sees them through Jesus as perfect, loved, and pure before Him. God has a plan for their life, but that plan can only be acted out when God is living in and through them. Plus, we plan to have tons of fun! The property is amazing and we plan to enjoy it. Each night, the Global Force will have dinner together at one of the property’s restaurants. Our hope is that you can confidently know that your child is being brought one step closer to the heart of God while having a blast.


Cru Adventure Camp Leadership



Lori Dawe, our director of our Cru Adventure Camp is a mother of three. She comes to you with 15 years experience of being a children’s worship leader, composer and children’s choir director and 15 years of leading and directing children’s camp programs both for Cru staff trainings and her local church. She has spent the last five years directing Cru at Timber Creek High School: leading, discipling and mentoring teenagers in our Orlando high schools. Add her past work experience as a pediatric nurse and your child is guaranteed to have four days of fun, sound biblical teaching, creativity, music and conscientious safety.



Polly Anthony has served with Cru for 25 years, half of those in campus ministry overseas.  Her joy is preparing and caring for staff and families living cross-culturally.  She is currently the Summer Mission Care Coordinator and Family Care Consultant for the Red River Region. She is married to Steve and they have three grown children.

She and her team are providing us with quality care for your younger children– and for your older students, creative and engaging ways to learn about the many roles they can play in expanding God’s kingdom.